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About us

Tu Asesor Legal was created in 1915 with the purpose of advice, and advocacy companies, SME (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises) and sole proprietors. It was founded by Economist and Lawyer specialized in different areas of management.

Our values have always been:

Commitment with you. Responsibility over our job. Fulfillment in time and forms.

Each day we try to achieve the professional excellence, for that “Tu Asesor Legal” is in continue training, recycling and update process, so in this way we can provide the best global solution to our clients.

“Tu Asesor Legal” makes possible that the Fiscal, Economist, Labor, Financial Director or Lawyer be part of your business and be integrate in it. Therefore you will be able to be as competitive of a big company as you are able to count on a professional team with high level of expertise.

The Spanish legislation should be accessible for all companies, SME (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises) and sole proprietors. We study and learn from the law this that you need, change the legal language and adapt it to you and your business needs.

From “Tu Asesor Legal” we always are committed to our customers, making as much as possible that our service do not be a financial load for our clients adapting our rates to the specific economic situation of the company in each moment.